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NYC Affordable Living is a joint venture between multiple real estate development companies in New York City and Mario Costanz, a licensed New York State Real Estate Broker. The vision of this website is to showcase affordable developments in a typically unaffordable city. There are two beliefs that enable this vision. First is; that smart, strategic acquisitions, if executed properly can result in an very nicely finished apartments that are affordable to regular middle class and blue collar workers. Second is our motto: "There is Always A Way!". Always believing that anything can be accomplished if you truly believe in what you are doing is what we live by.

Uticarm, LLC
Uticarm LLC was founded to create affordable living situations to New York City residents. Every step of the development process is geared towards creating luxury for less. Founders Mario Costanz and Carmen Andrade started their investing careers with no money but a desire to make a better life for themselves respectively. Hard work, learning and more hard work have propelled them to become successful real estate developers. Their drive and ambition has come full circle as they now give back to New York City by creating luxury apartments that working people can afford. Uticarm, LLC is the sponsor for Zinfandel Condominium in Crown Heights Brooklyn.
Zinfandel Condominium, Brooklyn Luxury Condos

Copo Management, LLC
Copo Management LLC specializes in the acquisition, development and resale of affordable luxury condominium properties in emerging urban neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Copo Managment's principal partner is Mario Costanz.
Mario Costanz has been an entrepreneur for the past decade in various businesses. Mario teaches at numerous community and investment groups throughout the country. Born and raised in the Bronx, Mario Costanz is a true New Yorker and savvy businessman.
SoBro Condo, Bronx Luxury Condo

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